Download Source

Download: g-cows-1.12.tar.gz. (Size: 200.609 K)

Md5 checksum: b9007f7c201a7709e5340fc13ecd2d1d

Quick Installation (for experts or impatients)

  1. Unpack the archive:
    tar xzf g-cows-1.12.tar.gz
  2. Change to the new directory:
    cd g-cows-1.12
  3. Configure the package:
  4. Compile the programs:
  5. Install the programs:
    make install


Unpack the archive

Unpack the archive (a directory called g-cows-1.12 will be created):

tar xzf g-cows-1.12.tar.gz

Move into the new directory:

cd g-cows-1.12

Configure the package

The `configure' script allows to configure the package according to your platform; it will also check if the required tools are present on your system and eventually complain about it. Moreover, `configure' allows to choose details of compilation and installation (e.g. where the binaries will be installed).

If you accept the default behavior, simply type:


Otherwise, type `./configure --help' for a list of supported options.

Compile the programs

Now, compile the programs; this operation could take several minutes on older machines. If this is the case, have a coffee and wait (the compilation process will succeed or not reguardless to the coffee ..)


Install the programs

Login as root and type:

make install

By default, the `Cows' and `Cows-mkgen' executables will be installed in `/usr/local/bin', so you need to be root in order to run the last command. If you don't have root privileges, don't worry. Executables are in a subdirectory called `src'; you can run them within this directory or move them elsewhere (of course, remember to add the directory containing binaries to your PATH environment variable).

Otherwise, you can install the package in you home directory; simply follow the steps above running `configure' with the option `--bindir=DIR', where DIR is the target directory.

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