What is G-Cows

G-Cows is a software project consisting in:

Cows is the interpreter for the Cows scripting language, used to parse HTML files containing additional scripts. Its output is represented by a verbatim copy of text file with scripts replaced by their outputs. You can run Cows on every text file, but some functions are specific to web pages so - for the sake of simplicity - throughout this site we'll assume we are dealing with HTML files.

On Unix (and Unix-like) systems such as FreeBSD and Linux every tool can cooperate with other utilities on the system. This behavior results in an astonishing power, limited only by user's inventive. G-Cows has been created with this idea in mind, and gives the best results when used in conjunction with the Make utility. Cows-mkgen is the program used to generate makefiles in order to provide an immediate way to realize this interaction.

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